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Save the Gulf Coastline? How About Drilling For Oil?

Reported by Donna - December 5, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith there was a segment on how we are losing precious wetlands in Louisiana each day. The solution to fix this? There is a bill being introduced to drill for more oil in the Gulf of Mexico and use the proceeds to pay for the restoration of the wetlands.

Haven't we heard this before? Wasn't the oil in Iraq supposed to pay for the war in Iraq?

The banner said, *Bill Proposes Gulf Oil Drilling To Save Coastline* Smith said that some lawmakers are pushing for a bill that they say would save the environment. He said it could by drilling for oil.

The next banner said, *Bill Would Open Up Million More Acres Of Gulf To Oil Drilling* It was reported that the bayou was washing away by about 30 square miles per year which was left vulnerable by the increasing demands of industry. (Comment: So more industry would help the wetlands, how?)

They had a video of Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) who said this was a matter literally of life and death. She is sponsoring the bill for new oil drilling over 8 million more acres of the gulf with a portion of the federal royalty dollars going to gulf coast states.

The fair and balanced part came by saying that critics say that drilling for nature just doesn't make sense and they had an unidentified woman (one of the critics?) who said, "There's no way we can drill our way to energy security and we absolutely have to move to new energy sources."

They finished with Senator Landrieu saying that she wasn't going to listen to that babble that comes out of some of the left wing environmental movement, that they simply don't understand the demands in the country for energy.

Comment: Senator Landrieu said it was about saving the wetlands but used the argument of demands in the country for energy. Dismissing what the environmental movement has to say as 'babble' is completely unprofessional and untrue. Environmentalists do understand the demands for energy that is why they have been pushing for alternative energy methods for decades. No quick fixes.

Haven't we heard this story before about using oil revenues to pay for things? They didn't explain how oil drilling would actually help rather than hinder the wetlands. Sure they say they'll use some of the money for restoring the wetlands, but I don't count on any oil revenues helping our environment just because they say they will. Does anyone really trust an administration that has been found to be very pro oil with saving our environment?