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Hume Lobbies Bush to Give Bolton New Job

Reported by Janie - December 5, 2006 -

During the interview with George Bush last night (12/4), Fox News host Brit Hume, who has been unabashadly partisan in his support for UN Ambassador John Bolton, spent a portion of the interview discussing his sudden resignation. During this portion of the interview, supposed unbiased "journalist" Hume lobbied Bush to provide Bolton with a new position within the State Department, one that would not require Senate confirmation.

During the interview, this exchange took place:

BH: John Bolton resigned today, seemed sudden to us on the outside looking in, and what happened there? Did you try to keep him on? Did you try to give him another opportunity? What happened?

GB: I, first of all John chose to leave gracefully, to pull his name down because it became apparent that once again the Senate would block his nomination. John Bolton came into office with a lot of criticism, a lot of unfair criticism in my mind. And he proved the critics wrong. He did a fine job as the representative for the United Nations for the United States. He really did, on issue after issue, Bolton delivered. And so you're looking at a man who is deeply disappointed, and I would call this shallow politics of the Senate in this case. I truly believe the Senate denied a really accomplished person the chance to serve this country.

BH: But there are other capacities, perhaps in the State Department, not requiring Senate confirmation. Perhaps here that you could have given him. Did you try to get him to do that?

GB: In fact, right after this interview I'm going to talk to him. I haven't had chance to visit with John yet. I want to thank him for doing what he did, and we're always open minded and looking for good people. No question that Bolton has done a fine job. Again, he proved the critics wrong. I mean, flat wrong. They weren't even close as they characterized John Bolton's, as they anticipated his office, what he would do in office.