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During Interview, Brit Hume Leads Bush to Blame Generals for Failings in Iraq

Reported by Janie - December 5, 2006 -

In a shocking turn of events, Special Report's host Brit Hume showed contempt for the troops during last night's (12/4) interview with President Bush, when he directed a series of questions to Bush aimed at placing the blame for all the Iraq war failings on the Generals on the ground, while helping the politicians back home avoid taking any sort of responsibility.

During the middle of the interview, Hume turned the line of questioning to the Generals on the ground in Iraq, and seemed to place the blame for all the failings of the war on their shoulders. At the same time, Hume was attempting to help Bush and Donald Rumsfeld avoid taking any responsibility for the way in which the Iraq war has been fought.

BH: You have said on a number of occasions that your view of the shape and mission of the US forces day by day in Iraq, week by week, is based on what Generals Abizaid and more specifically, General Casey, say. That this has been kind of a Casey and Abizaid approach. Is that a fair assessment?

GB: I have said that the force size will depend on conditions on the ground, and upon the recommendations of our commanders on the ground, absolutely.

BH: Is it fair to say then that the approach in Iraq has been more of what Casey and Abizaid wanted more than anybody else?

GB: I think from the military tactics that they are the chain of command through Rumsfeld to me. Now, they listen to all sorts of people on the ground, and they are very thoughtful, decent, honorable men who understand that what the mission is, and understand that it is their obligation to design the tactics to achieve the mission.

BH: It does raise the question, though Mr. President, if they are the guys that have been designing and trying to execute the mission, and you're impatient with the progress, why that Rumsfeld is going and they're staying?

GB: Well, they also are impatient with the progress, just like Secretary Rumsfeld is, and he came to the conclusion that I came to. That it was time to get fresh eyes in the Pentagon on the issue. And I strongly support his past tenure, and I appreciate his service to the country.