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Dick Morris on Big Story: Senator Clinton, "liar," will want to be called President Rodham if she wins White House

Reported by Chrish - December 5, 2006 -

John Gibson's Big Story today 12/5/06 had a segment on Hillary Clinton's meeting next week with Iowa Democrats, moved up from February, where she will presumably discuss her possible presidential bid. Guest Dick Morris was on hand to disrespect and malign the Senator, just a peek at what FOX viewers will be inundated with for the next 22 months should she run.

Responding to Gibson's comment that we might see another President Clinton in the White House in 2008, Morris said

"I want to correct you, John. She would not be another President Clinton. She would be President Rodham. I'll bet you that if she wins, that's what she has people call her. I'll bet you."

Agreeing with Gibson, Morris said that Barack Obama's possible run is forcing Clinton's hand, and the heady optimism from the 2006 victories is accelerating the 2008 race too - Vlasic of Ohio (sic) is in, as is Bayh (IN), and Obama is flirting with it.

Morris said an AP reporter asked him if he thinks HRC is going to run for president, and Morris replied that if he (the reporter) didn't believe that she had made her mind up three years ago, then his message to the reporter is "grow up." Asked by Gibson what's the point of being so coy about it, Morris replied

"It's one of these 'Hillary lies.' When she learned that Bill had been with Monica because of the stain on the dress, she had to pretend that she didn't know a year earlier when he told her so she could defend having called it a vast right-wing conspiracy. Here, she spent two years telling New Yorkers she's undecided about running for president so she'd get them to re-elect her to the Senate, and now she has to go through this pantomime, this charade, of decision-making so she doesn't look like a liar for the last two years. Which she is."

Next Democratic victim of Morris' malice was Barack Obama, whom he called "a kid, a toddler. I hope he's cynical, because if he's that naive he couldn't possibly be president. " He goes on to parse one chapter of Obama's book where he waxes enthusiastic for first class travel and private flights, and Morris expresses concern that Obama didn't mention the corporate sponsors that make the private flight possible. Morris hopes Obama knows what's going on and id just "putting it on."

So FOX viewers hear that Hillary is a liar and Obama is a dumb kid. Can't wait to hear what they have to say about McCain and Romney and the Republican field, in their special F&B way.
There was no similar segment today with a Democratic strategist insulting possible Republican candidates, but maybe tomorrow. Or the next day. When pigs fly.