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Bill O'Reilly On A Body Language Kick

Reported by Deborah - December 5, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly just loves the idea of finding out what certain people really said with their body language. He's been inviting Body Language expert Tonya Reiman to appear quite frequently to analyze the movements and expressions of very specific people in order to get very specific answers. Tonight Reiman analyzed George Bush Sr.'s emotional outburst, Jimmy Carter's humiliating attack on C-Span and of course Danny Devito on The View.

George Bush Senior started sobbing during a speech while talking about Jeb's political defeat ten years ago. The clip showed Jeb comforting his Father and it was an obviously loving father/son moment. Reiman stated the obvious saying Bush Senior was emotional but didn't know why. O'Reilly repeated nudged her into agreeing that Bush was probably upset because George Jr was getting a beating. Although, O'Reilly mentioned that Bush Sr. is 81, neither he or Reiman mentioned that a common symptom of senility is inappropriate crying.

Next there was a clip of Jimmy Carter getting viciously attacked by a caller who called him an anti semite and other hateful names. Reiman analyzed Carter's changing expression claiming he went from smiles, to sadness and finally anxiety. O'Reily asked Reiman twice if Carter looked angry to her as if he needed to get something on him to tarnish his good guy image.He commented that Carter is confident about his policies even though they're " misguided".

During Danny Devito's turn, Reiman noted that only Rosie O'Donnell was open to DeVito and the other hosts weren't because their legs were crossed and lips pursed. Then they talked about DeVito's drinking , of course.

comment: What would Reiman have to say about Dick Morris trashing the Clintons or better yet Ann Coulter spewing her incoherent filth or maybe Rush Limbaugh imitating Michael J Fox? You can be sure that O'Reilly will continue to use this tool quite selectively.