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Superficial Attempt at Covering School Integration Cases

Reported by Judy - December 4, 2006 -

Fox News' Megyn Kendall turned in a report on two cases before the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday (December 4, 2006) that was only puddle-deep in handling the controversial issue.

In a report on the "Live Desk," Kendall said the pair of cases have the potential to have "the most significant impact on affirmative action in schools since any cases since Brown vs. Board of Education."

The cases attempt to bar local schools in Louisville, Kentucky, and Seattle, Washington, from considering race when assigning students to schools, as part of their efforts to reverse decades of discrimination due to segregated housing patterns. White parents were upset when their children did not get to attend the schools they wanted to.

Kendall made no attempt to explain what the significant impact she was referring to would be. She did not mention the potential that schools would be allowed to become even more segregated.

And she seemed a little unclear as to what the cases were about, referring to preferences being given to minority students as reverse discrimination, without spelling out what preferences she was referring to. These are public school districts so admission criteria are not an issue in the way they are in university affirmative action cases.

Kendall referenced a large crowd of several hundred people demonstrating outside the court building, but she did not include any interviews with any of them so they could explain why they were there and why it was important to them.

Maybe John Moody left that part out of his memo.