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Preview Of Brit Hume Exclusive Presidential Interview - Bush Says Office Is Not A Burden

Reported by Donna - December 4, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he spoke in a segment with Brit Hume regarding the exclusive interview that Hume had with President Bush. The speech will be on Brit Hume's show Special Report with Brit Hume, but we got a preview on Studio B.

After this horrible war in Iraq and losing the majority in both Houses you would think that the presidency would be hanging heavily on the president, but according to Brit Hume, that's not the case.

The president told Hume that he was fine and that the burden was not heavy. Brit himself seemed real upbeat about the interview and how the president was. He said the president said that of course he feels frustrated and disappointed about the war in Iraq but that we can't fail when it comes to the war, that we must succeed in the mission. Brit thought it was something to find him in this shape - he said that he had been told by many people that the presidency was causing a heavy burden on him. The president said he had the prayers of lots of people keeping him going.

Comment: While everything is falling apart around him the president is still trying to play the big tough cowboy. This is the man who doesn't like to admit to mistakes. Of course he had his exclusive on the administration friendly Fox News Network, with Brit Hume lobbing softball questions at him. To the end of his administration he will try and stay in his soft bubble.