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Outrageous Quote of the Week - Week of November 27th

Reported by Janie - December 4, 2006 -

Melanie Morgan was able to take her first Outrageous Quote of the Week last week with 33% of the vote for threatening Speaker-elect, Nancy Pelosi:

“We’ve got a bull’s-eye painted on her big, wide, laughing eyes.”

For this week's selection, take a look below the jump!

Option A: "We need to get out of our own way. We are defining as civil liberties things that are basic to investigative law enforcement, protecting us against terrorism," said David Katz, a terrorism analyst discussing Newt Gingrich's proposal to roll back First Amendment rights to free speech in order to fight terrorism, "Live Desk", 11/29/06

Option B: "If the Bush administration will not consider dividing the country into three autonomous regions, then it must consider allowing the Iraqi military to run the place, much like Musharraf runs Pakistan. Yes, that would be brutal, but /clearly, the Iraqi people are not embracing freedom. So imposing order through a military strong man might be the only way." - Bill O'Reilly, "Talking Points Memo", 11/28/06

Option C: "Alright. Is the middle class movin' on up? The media may be jumping all over the fact that Wal-Mart's sales slipped this month for the first time in a decade, but sales are up at Saks, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's and Neiman Marcus, all high-end retailers. Is that proof the middle class has more cash on hand?" - Stuart Varney, "Your World with Neil Cavuto", 11/30/06

Option D: "This is cheap shots that are taken at Fox. And by the way, he's not the only one. Barney Frank has taken shots at Fox. Bill Clinton went after Chris Wallace in what I think was a disgraceful manner. They're doing that because Fox has broken from the pack. Fox is not behaving like all the other networks, kow-towing to the left. Fox is being, I think, very, very even-handed on both sides, and the left just can't stand with that, especially when they look at the ratings and they see that their friends are at the bottom and Fox is on top." - Brent Bozell, head of the right-wing Media Research Center, "Live Desk", 11/30/06

Option E: "...did watch the clip online, and you know what it reminded me of? A Klan meeting." - Bernie Goldberg discussing Danny Devito's appearance on "The View", "The O'Reilly Factor", 11/30/06