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Fox: The Bush Administration Considered Paying John Bolton "On the Side in a Private Capacity"

Reported by Melanie - December 4, 2006 -

Several minutes into his show today (December 4, 2006), Neil Cavuto played a clip of George Bush meeting with John Bolton in the Oval Office to formally accept his resignation as ambassador to the UN. After the clip ended, Cavuto summed up what had happened.

Alright. That was the President earlier today with John Bolton, the outgoing UN ambassador.

All the administration was seeking, all Bolton was seeking -- just on this show a little bit more than a week ago -- was an up or down vote in either the lame duck session or the new Democratic-controlled senate next month. That was not to be. So, really, the administration was between a rock and a hard place here. Do you reappoint him, name him something else? Do you pay him on the side in a private capacity? A lot of crazy ideas were advanced. Apparently, Mr. Bolton, examining all of that, opted simply to resign.

Comment: Pay him on the side in a private capacity? What kind of "capacity?" I thought the Bush administration learned its lesson about paying people on the side in a private capacity when it was busted over the Armstrong Williams affair.