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Dumb Segment of the Day

Reported by Judy - December 4, 2006 -

A piece by Claudia Cowan about a supposed conservative turn at the University of California at Berkeley gets my vote for dumbest segment of the day on Fox News.

In a segment aired on the "Live Desk" on Monday (December 4, 2006), Cowan noted that the College Republican group at Berkeley has more members that the College Democrats. From this, she deduced that, "There does appear to be something of a conservative revolution happening on a campus where the most popular student political group is the Republican Club.”

Cowan interviewed a College Republican, who claimed that Republicans are the true radicals because they oppose a system that is supposedly now "very, very much liberal." And she interviewed a member of the College Democratic group, who noted that Berkeley has a network of progressive groups while the Republican group is virtually alone on campus.

"Live Desk" anchor Martha MacCallum took the segment up with her A-List, where several guests made the same point.

The premise of the story was overstated, if not downright dishonest. To claim (without supplying any numbers), that higher membership in a Republican club proves that colleges are becoming more conservative stretches the evidence to the breaking point.

A look at the 113 political organizations on Berkeley's web site demonstrates the continuing left leanings of the campus. Groups like Amnesty International, Berkeley ACLU, Bears for UNICEF, Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy, Berkeley Stop the War Coalition, Cal Berkeley Habitat for Humanity, Cal Vegetarians, Cal Students for Equal Rights, and on and on undercut the theme of Cowan's report. (There also was an anti-abortion group listed.)

And oh, by the way, the College Republicans website had been viewed 32 times and the Democrats' 64 times.