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Does Fox Read News Hounds?

Reported by Donna - December 4, 2006 -

Today I reported on Fox reporting that John Bolton had resigned and they had only given the Bush administrations side. Things were a little different when it came to Studio B today.

They ran the same Bolton resigns story but this time they had another perspective to the story.

This time they had a blurb by John Kerry saying that we need an Ambassador that has the full support of Congress.

Comment: Which got me to thinking -- is Fox reading News Hounds? They used the same story but added the statement by John Kerry, which is specifically what I had pointed out was missing from the Fox On Line story - no Democratic perspective. We report, you decide.

Update: There has been some question as to whether Fox On Line showed John Kerry as the fair and balanced item to this segment. I have only my notes as my tape has been taped over. If that is the case then I apologize for making a mistake. Thanks to our reader BiorsGhost for bringing it to my attention.