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The Culture War – Coming to a Heartland Near You

Reported by Chrish - December 3, 2006 -


Imagine my surprise and delight when John Kasich said that the “culture warrior” himself, that Samurai of sensibility, that paragon of virtue, Bill O’Reilly would be making a guest appearance on Heartland yesterday 12/2/06. As part of the theme, the demise of culture in the US, Kasich would also be doing segments on “important stories” such as Britney Spears without underwear, animal attacks, and people trying to sell their children for new Play Stations.

Kasich introduced “his highness” by saying “who is looking out for you? It’s Bill O’Reilly – whether it’s Christmas, politics, or following America’s judges.” (Comment: Who’s your Daddy!?). While Kasich was speaking, an image of Bill’s book appeared next to Kasich’s head. (Shouldn’t Bill have posed in “warrior” regalia instead of that windbreaker which does give him more of a yachting look?)

O'Reilly launched into a diatribe against those judges who don’t do what he wants them to do. While he was speaking, the chyron (which stayed on during the entire interview) read “O’Reilly on judges gone wild, attack on Christmas, and culture war. O'Reilly spoke about sending his producer out to Missouri to harass some judge who, allegedly, gave no jail time to a 50 year old who "repeatedly raped” a nine year old girl and was not sentenced to a day in jail. While he spoke about how the judge had the audacity to ignore his producer, the film clip showed the judge walking into his garage. I noted that O’Reilly did not identify the judge at any point during the tirade, and although he had interviewed the mother on his show he did not give her name. Thus, when I tried to access any information on the case, I came up with nothing - either from his “interview archive” or on the internet (entering words like Missouri judge, 50 year old child rapist, community outrage, etc.)

O'Reilly proclaimed that “if I’m in Missouri, I’ll immediately get a recall and throw him out.” (Comment: you’re not in Missouri) He added that when he hears about these cases, “I’m going to have a camera right up your nose.” (Comment: if O'Reillyl was stalking me, his camera would be right up someplace else.) Not surprisingly, O'Reilly claimed that the “press couldn’t care less about Jessica’s law and bad judges.” (See this Media Matters link regarding his distorted allegations about the press). O'Reilly’s voice grew louder as he discussed how, in Ohio, “we had this Judge Connors and who did the press attack?” Kasich responded that Judge Connors was named “Irishman of the year” and that was “unbelievable.” O'Reilly continued to escalate when he said “if the media in Ohio are going be fine with child rapists getting parole and probation and no jail time, when I expose them and they attack me, there’s something wrong.”

O'Reilly then defused a bit when he made another hubristic proclamation about how he “got rid of Cashman” (note: he retired) and he’s “watching every move Connors makes.” (See this link for O’Reilly’s statement and the Dayton Daily News response).

In an effort to assist O'Reilly’s book sales, Kasich asked him to describe it. O'Reilly did his schpiel about the traditionalists vs the secular progressives, blah, blah, blah, and cited a Rasmussen Poll which supposedly showed that “traditionalists outnumber SP’s by 3 to one” – debunked here. Of course, he worked in his point about the SP’s wanting to radically change the economics (“income redistribution”), foreign policy, and social patterns of the country. (Comment: don’t worry, O'Reilly – you won’t be forced to leave your plush Manhasset home and go "back" to Levittown – where you didn’t grow up).

O'Reilly worked in the “research” that purportedly shows how SP’s aren’t generous because, according to him, it’s all about their need for more material goods. Kasich noted that there was a “war on religion” (despite his later segment about the popularity of the new Nativity movie) when he noted how “unbelievable” it was that stores would not allow their workers to say “Merry Christmas.” O'Reilly showed his paranoia when he said that “secular progressives are everywhere, they own store chains” and that they have the “media firmly in their camp.” (Comment: at one time, guys just like O'Reilly were saying that Hollywood was controlled by Jews and Communists). George Soros’ name was thrown in for good measure.

Kasich concluded by urging everyone to buy O'Reilly’s book as it would make a great Christmas gift. (Comment: what about Kwanzaa and Chanukah?)

Comment: O'Reilly is America’s Daddy and Fox makes sure you kids stay in line. The expressions on his face are priceless as he goes from gentle cajoling to righteous indignation to rage and back again. As a caricature of himself, BOR is great comedy. When he says that “there’s a war going on and people don’t know it,” my response is “and people don’t care.”

Oh, and despite the Hollywood promotion of secular values leading to the demise of American society, Kasich, during the Britney Spears discussion, showed a picture of her with the “naughty bits” blocked out. The Heartland does love a little titillation!