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Mr. Brenda Buttner Tries to 'Straighten Out' Ben Stein

Reported by Judy - December 2, 2006 -

Nepotism still reigns at Fox News, as evidenced by the continued appearances on Fox financial shows of Tom Adkins, aka "Mr. Brenda Buttner." But the small-time real estate agent may have worn out his welcome by dissing financial heavy-weight Ben Stein.

Adkins attempted to lecture Stein about the impact of tax cuts on the economy during a discussion on "Cavuto on Business" on Saturday (December 2, 2006) of a proposal (details unspecificed, of course) to raise Social Security taxes.

The panel, of course, was against the idea, except for Stein. Stein noted that George Bush already has tried to privatiize the system and could not persuade either the Republican-controlled Congress or the American people to go along with it, despite traveling all around the country for months trying to sell the program to carefully pre-screened audiences. So Stein concluded that a tax hike will have to come and that $7,000 a year for the wealthiest American taxpayers does not amount to that much money.

Stein already had to endure being interrupted by Fox News' business reporter Rebecca Gomez, who is long on looks but short on substance. (Later, in fact, he would lecture Gomez that "The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center is not the subject of this particular segment.") So Stein's
annoyance level was on the rise when Adkins went on a rant about how instead of raising taxes, the government should cut taxes to bring in more revenue.

"That is such nonsense," said Stein, whose patience with morons is markedly limited. "How can we possibly be saying that if we cut taxes you get more revenue? The data is unequivocal."

Adkins started talking over Stein excitedly, saying at one point, "Let me straighten you out.”

"You’re going to straighten me out?" asked Stein with the air of an adult putting down a third grader.

Adkins deserves the come-uppance. He's long on bluster, short on knowledge.