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On O'Reilly Factor, Bernie Goldberg compare "The View" to "Klan meeting"

Reported by Chrish - December 1, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly hosted Jane Hall and Bernie Goldberg last night 11/30/06 for a segment designed to deride Danny DeVito for his apparent drunkenness and political rant on ABC's The View the previous day. Of course O'Reilly is spinning it as a case of the liberal media covering for one of their own by not obsessing about the incident - the segment is titled "Policing the Press", another tile in his trust-nobody-but-Papa abusive behavior mosaic.

Amended: Video added 12/1/06 See below.

O'Reilly claims "The Factor" is analyzing newspaper columnists across the country and "the initial data says they are overwhelmingly liberal." They have not found one - not one! he jabs - TV critic who is Republican.

During the discussion comparing Mel Gibson, Michael Richards, and Danny DeVito, O'Reilly claimed there was no condemnation of DeVito's "disrespectful" rant. Hall tried to make the point that the women of The View should have, in her opinion, tried to distance themselves from the remarks, but O'Reilly overtalked her the whole time and when Goldberg interrupted, O'Reilly told him to go ahead. (Old habits die hard, I guess - even though Hall was the "liberal" guest she was endorsing a viewpoint more aligned with O'Reilly's.)

Goldberg said he "would rather do hard time in a Ugandan prison than watch The View," which drew a chuckle from BOR, but he (Goldberg) "did watch the clip online, and you know what it reminded me of? A Klan meeting. You know, you go to a Klan meeting - I mean, I've never been to one, but I imagine what it would be like -" and proceded to describe his fantasy of knee-slapping badmouthing of "Neh"s, "because they're comfortable in their element."

He says DeVito was on FOX a couple of hours earlier - "cold sober", says O'Reilly - and didn't have the guts or stupidity to say what he did, but "when he went into the Klan meeting of The View, he knew he was in company that would laugh and howl and slap their knee." ("Absolutely - comfort zone", agreed O'Reilly).

O'Reilly says that Gibson's career has been damaged by his drunken anti-semitic rant, and Michael Richards' career has been "amazingly" damaged by his angry racist rant, and asked the guests if DeVito's career will be hurt by this incident? Not at all, they agree, but O'Reilly disagrees. He thinks it will hurt him, because he's a "marginal player" (that's where I laughed out loud and missed the rest of the segment - good thing it's recorded). DeVito "still gets roles, but people who liked him from Taxi and 'things like that' don't like him anymore.
Apparently stuck-in-the-past O'Reilly is clueless about DeVito's amazing multi-faceted career including his current Top Ten Christmas movie, Deck the Halls. Hmm, if O'Reilly subtly calls for a boycott of DeVito's family-friendly Christmas movie, won't he be on the wrong side of both the war on Christmas and the culture war?

AMEND: This VIDEO of DeVito on F&F shows him to be clearly intoxicated, contrary to O'Reilly's claim that he was "cold sober". In fact, not noted above, O'Reilly went so far as to wonder how DeVito got in such a condition in two short hours.

Here's the video of the Factor segment: