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Neil Cavuto Turns an "Unconfirmed Cyber Threat" into an "Al Qaeda Jihad on Your Money"

Reported by Melanie - December 1, 2006 -

Both the Dow and the Nasdaq fell today (December 1, 2006) due to interest rate and growth concerns:

U.S. stocks fell on Friday after a manufacturing index showed its weakest reading in more than three years and a Federal Reserve official said more rate hikes may be required to control inflation.

That's the reality-based news. Now to Fox News.

Neil Cavuto, the managing editor of the Fox News Channel's business division, explained why stocks fell as he opened his show today:

Well, Fox on top of your money. Under attack. Cyber terrorists targeting the capital of capitalism. What if they succeed and shut down your bank or the stock market? Stocks taking a hit [live shot of the "big board" at the NYSE]. Stocks slip after Al Qaeda cyber threat revealed.

The opening graphics and music played and Cavuto began speaking again:

THIS IS A FOX NEWS ALERT! The day after the threat, the sell-off. Stocks falling after Washington warns of an Al Qaeda jihad on your money.

With that, "senior business correspondent" Brenda Buttner gave a two minute report on why we should all be terrified.

According to the AP, the U.S. government cautioned the financial world about the "cyber threat" seen on a "jihadist website" (not an Al Qaeda website) saying it seemed to pose no danger but that didn't stop the managing editor of Fox's "business news" division - a guy who considers himself a journalist - from transforming it into an "Al Qaeda jihad on your money."