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"Maybe Imams shop at Crate and Barrel..."

Reported by Chrish - November 30, 2006 -

As Deborah reported yesterday, Bill O'Reilly admitted that it is small and petty of him to refuse to shop at stores who say "Happy Holidays" rather than "Merry Christmas" and he specifically targeted Crate and Barrel.

O'Reilly is poised to have his Howard Beale moment sooner rather than later. Watch this near-hysterical hyperbole (and note Kirsten Powers digs as she got into the spirit of the segment!).
His closing comments disparaging Crate and Barrell and suggesting that Muslims (Imams) are the only people who'll shop there now exemplifies again how inflated his ego is. All his claims that he wants stores to say Merry Christmas because "it's a federal holiday" are exposed as pure posturing when he makes religious jabs like that one, for if it was Americans who were offended by the refusal to acknowledge the federal holiday, wouldn't we all have our panties in a twist? No spin...ho ho ho.