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John Stossel Uses Dubious Experiment To Prove Liberals Are Cheap.

Reported by Deborah - November 30, 2006 -

John Stossel, plugging his 20/20 segment , tried to prove his point last night on The Factor with a rather dubious experiment. Placing Salvation Army Christmas kettles outside a San Francisco department store and a Sioux Falls Wal-Mart. Stossel announced that the less affluent, conservative and religious folks in Sioux Falls gave much more than the wealthy, non religious, San Francisco liberals.

Because I didn't watch Stossel's piece on 20/20, I'm going to assume that he provided evidence that the experiments were held at the same time and days of the week. Shouldn't there be some assurances that the times and days weren't chosen for optimum results? Also, was there a visual record of the placement of the bell ringers showing the amount of traffic going by and the volume of the rings? Also how in the world did Stossel know that all the people walking by fit into his tidy little niche?

No doubt all that was covered on 20/20 but that still leaves a very important fact. The Salvation Army and San Francisco residents have a troubled history. In 2001 the religious right pressured the western division of the Salvation Army to cut out dependant benefits for domestic partners of Gay employees. So obviously choosing a Salvation Army bell ringer at a San Francisco location would definitely make a difference in the results.

O'Reilly revealed not a nano second of doubt jumping all over the "experiment" results with fangs dripping a righteous red. With a visible disgust he stated,

"Secular progressives or liberals won't like to hear this because they say 'we feel for the poor and downtrodden and mean conservatives don't care about them.' That's the class warfare game."

Bill's TPM was devoted to the same topic which appears to be a brand new addition to his over worked polarization themes.

"Conservative and traditional Americans tend to be Christian, and the basic command of Jesus was 'help the poor.' Religious Jews and Muslims are also called upon to give alms. So religion drives charitable giving. Secular progressives are essentially non-religious and believe the government should be the driving force behind generosity. S-P's also believe the world revolves around individual gratification, and that often takes a lot of money. So there's less inclination to give their personal funds to the poor."

Comment: This " liberals are cheap" campaign wil continue on FOX. This is just the beginning.
However, this time, the majority of Americans have opened their eyes and refuse to accept the FOX News drivel.

note: A News Hounds thank you to Tobi for guidance and links.