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John Gibson's BS on Iraq, Bush, and the Iraq Study Group report

Reported by Chrish - November 30, 2006 -

Amidst all the exciting stories of wicked weather, "killer whale" run amok, smoking persecution, and breaking the baby talk code, The Big Story 11/30/06 managed to squeeze in a couple of items about Bush's meeting with Al-Maliki and the Iraq Study Group recommendations. Of course in BS-world Bush is still in charge of the situation in Iraq and the focus is on the "leakage" of the ISG report, not the contents.

Gibson had R.P. Eddy of the Manhattan Institute as a guest to analyze Bush's meeting with Al Maliki and the Iraq Study Group recommendations, which are so far ignored on FOX except to charge that they are "leaked" - not the first time the content of important reports or documents are Eddy supports Maliki's proposed solution: since Al-Maliki has so little support within the parliament we should embed US troops with the Iraqi forces, allowing "him to lead a more capable force, which is what he needs. He needs to be empowered by us....and that's different from what the commission "may be" coming out with." It appears he is suggesting we turn some troops over to Iraqi command, a proposal that was not challenged or explored by Gibson.

Gibson turned to Shepard Smith reporting from Amman, Jordan, where he promptly disparaged the international media by saying "we've been watching all these international news channels, and take them for what they are", they've been bringing in a lot of people's opinions and they fell all they're getting is rhetoric, no real answers. "It seems" that expectations that there would be some end-game announced, or a timetable, were aroused by these international channels, and they should have known better - Bush has said all along that we will not leave until "the job is done."

People in the region want to know when the US is getting out - Smith is "almost 100% certain" that the widely held belief across the region is that US presence in Iraq is causing more problems than they're solving. The people of Iraq have a unique perspective - they witness firsthand the death, the damage, and the dislocation, but see no solutions being offered. Smith says that he's not saying the US should offer any solutions at this time, "after all, the United States is putting its own people on the line to try to solve a problem that at this stage of the game really isn't even its own. " So what they want to hear is when the US is getting out, they're not hearing it.

Gibson asks, disengenuously, what US presence has to do with Shia and Sunnis killing each other? Smith agrees that's the $64,000 question (more like $64.000.0000.0000.0000) but says regardless, that's how the people of the region see it. He then goes on to editorialize, asking Gibson to imagine what if the US did pull out - the violence would escalate and the US would be to blame for that too. We're stuck between Iraq and a hard place, and he doesn't know how to get out. Fortunately for him, that's not his job - he just needs to keep making excuses for the Bush administration.