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Shortly After Complaining About “Racial Politics” Of African-Americans, Hannity Sympathetic To White "Anti-Illegal Immigration Advocate"

Reported by Ellen - November 29, 2006 -

About 20 minutes after Sean Hannity repeatedly complained about the “racial politics” of African-Americans Rev. Al Sharpton and Charles Barron, a warm welcome was given to “anti-illegal immigration advocate” John Monti. During his interview, Monti made several racially insensitive statements about migrant workers (read Mexicans) in San Diego County. But Hannity never objected to any of those statements and remained sympathetic to Monti throughout the interview. Updated: with video.

Monti was introduced as an “assault victim” of illegal immigrants. However, his “wounds” consisted of a number of scratches and abrasions. As NBCSandiego.com reports, there seems to be another side to Monti's version of the events. "There's been no determination that a crime has been committed, much less that migrants committed it," said Claudia Smith of California Rural Legal Assistance. But on "fair and balanced" Hannity & Colmes, Monti's account was accepted almost at face value.

Monti’s story was that he was taking pictures of some migrant workers and their employers (how did he know they were illegals? Monti never said and nobody asked.) and that he was “attacked from behind.” Alan Colmes hinted that Monti may have played a part in the hostilities by questioning Monti’s assertion that the attack was a hate crime. Colmes noted that the police said, “(The assailants) were upset because you were taking photographs… That clearly sparked their behavior.”

Monti responded, “What I think the real hate crime here is how the San Diego police Department is, you know, responding to this crime. I mean, if it had been eight white guys attacking a migrant I think they would have already tried and convicted the people in the court of public opinion and you know we would have heard of all this sanctimonious rhetoric already about, you know, this can never happen again.” Monti went on to “dispel” the “popular belief” that migrants live in shantytowns because of poverty. “The thing is though, a number, many of them choose to live out here because, you know, they don’t want to pay rents or they have personal problems.”

Colmes never had the chance to respond because Sean Hannity had already jumped in to take his turn. Hannity, so deeply concerned about “racial politics” coming from African-Americans in the prior segment, didn’t bat an eye at such talk. In fact, Hannity spoke in the most sympathetic tones toward Monti the entire time. “Right,” Hannity said in agreement with Monti’s last statement about migrants not wanting to pay rent.

Monti also made the questionable statement, “It seems that every child prostitution spot in the county seems to have a migrant camp associated with it.” Hannity took Monti at his word about that, too.