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New Children's Book Teaches Intolerance & Xenophobia

Reported by Marie Therese - November 29, 2006 -

Judge John H. Wilson (Criminal Court, Brooklyn, New York) has penned a new children's book called Hot House Flowers that is causing a lot of controversy among immigration activists. On yesterday morning's FOX & Friends First hosts Kiran Chetry and Tiki Barber interviewed the author, who tried to defend himself against an "anti-immigrant" charge by stating that he is not opposed to legal immigrants, only to those who enter the country illegally. When Kiran Chetry asked him how he would handle the millions of illegals already in the country, Wilson responded: "Well, many of them probably should be seeking legal counsel about seeking exit from the country ..."

Wilson wrote the book because he could not find a book on the "big issues" that he could read to his four-year-old son. Hot House Flowers is an "allegory" in which the mother dandelion and her seedlings (illegal immigrants) invade the home of the hot house flowers (the "legal" residents) threatening their very existence and finally forcing them to deny the dandelions the ability to grow.

"I'm not calling immigrants weeds, " Wilson stated. "The fallacy that a lot of people have in understating this issue is that there's a big distinction between immigrants and illegal immigrants and there is nothing in this book that is intended to be anti-immigration. ... The intention was more of a universal allegory regarding defense of home and defense of country. Is there a parallel with the issue of illegal immigration? Of course there is. But the broader issues of the book are intended to be universal story, somehing that could be read a hundred years from now and applied to issues that may be facing the human race then, along with issues that we faced a hundred years ago."

If there is a god, WIlson's son will grow up to be an immigration attorney defending the human rights of ALL immigrants!

As for this book lasting a hundred years, don't bank on it ....