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Fox: Is There a "Democrat" Plan to "Diminish" the Fox News Channel?

Reported by Melanie - November 29, 2006 -

Roughly 15 minutes into Your World/w Neil Cavuto today (November 29, 2006), during an ad break, Fox ran a promo for tonight's Bill O'Reilly show using video of Barney Frank (D-MA) appearance last weekend on Fox News Sunday w/Chris Wallace.

Here's how it went.



Cut to Sunday video. Frank:

I am struck by the tenor of your questions.


Well, ah, let me see if I can do better ah, Congressman Frank.


All of your questions have been aimed at trying to find points of controversy.

Back to announcer:

Is he part of a Democrat plan to diminish Fox News Channel? Barney Frank squares off with Bill. Tonight!

Man, did I laughed my a** off at that! Second only to glorifying George Bush and Republicans, Fox's aim in life is to "diminish" Democrats. So the fact that it is using appearances by a few assertive Democrats to bash them as a whole is so characteristic and so viciously like Fox, made particularly so when it acts like it's the victim.

I kept watching a lo and behold, after the ad break, the next guest was none other than Barney Frank himself!

Frank was on (allegedly) to talk about his plans to narrow the "wealth gap," or, as the chyron at the bottom of the screen read, "Is The Gov't.'s Role to Narrow the 'Wealth Gap'?"

At the end of the segment, Cavuto said:

Could I ask you one very quick question? I had to ask this while you are here. I know you're going to address this with my friend Bill tonight, the thing with Chris Wallace. What was going on there? Was there a little agit[ation] there? What was goin' on?


Oh, nothing. What was going on was very simple. Chris Wallace invited us on the show and advertised the show as a chance for the Democratic chairs, the three of us, Dingle, Rangel, and myself to talk about what our agenda was and then he asked the first six questions that didn't give us a chance to do that and I just felt, frankly, people, well, we have the people that you're highlighting. If you call Democrats on and say, OK, we're not going to give you a chance to say what you planned to do, we're going to ask you about some other, very controversial things that aren't high on your agenda, people watching it will get precisely the kind of misimpression that you're giving them. So, what I said to Chris Wallace was, to summarize it, I thought his questions individually were fair, but they weren't balanced, to use a phrase taken out of the air. The fact that...

Cavuto interrupted:

Alright. Alright. Just wondering because I saw, you know, Bill Clinton with him, and I saw you and I thought, wait, what's going on here?


Oh, don't be silly! My thing had nothing to do with Bill Clinton. Chris asked that, by the way, Chris said to me after I said that, OK, I'll do better and we then went on and what we were looking for was a chance not to have been [sic] false advertising but to tell people what we planned to do.
Well, it was a good exchange.

Yeah, right. What Cavuto meant was: You dumb idiot. You guys don't stand a chance on this channel. If you're passive we'll make you look bad and if you call us on our tactics, we'll make you look bad about that too. Thanks again though for giving us (more) dirt to use against your Democrat party.