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Fearless Barney Frank Takes On Bill O'Reilly

Reported by Deborah - November 29, 2006 -

Barney Frank joined Bill O'Reilly tonight to discuss his Sunday interview with Chris Wallace where Frank confronted Wallace about asking unbalanced questons and misrepresenting the purpose of the interview. After Frank explained what motivated him to confront Wallace, O'Reilly was forced to agree that Frank had a point. Then O'Reilly tried for some payback time with Frank and got a rude awakening.

Frank explained that the promos had stated that Frank would be discussing the Democratic Agenda but Wallace steered away from the original plan. Frank said the discussion wasn't unfair because each question Wallace asked was legitimate but Frank claimed it was unbalanced. Frank objected to the impression Wallace left with the viewers about Democratic intentions.

O'Reilly seemed to accept Frank's position and immediately went into his culture warrior schtick.Tonight's theme was "income redistribution" and when Bill said he assumed Frank was an S-P, Frank didn't know what he was talking about. Annoyance flashed across O'Reilly's face as he proclaimed that Secular Progressives want to take money away from the the affluent and give it away to people through government programs. Then as if talking to a pre schooler, he enunciated every syllable as he repeated the term to Frank, "In-come- Re-dis-trib-ution".

When O'Reilly started his interrogation tactic on Frank demanding a straight answer, he got quite a surprise when Frank accused him of trying to be a District Attorney and suggested he go go to law school. O'Reilly accustomed to hurling all the insults accused Frank of trying to be the "czar of the interview".

O'Reilly got himself under control enough to let Frank comment that the 39% tax under Clinton was good for the economy. Fortunately, he didn't let O'Reilly distort his position as planned.

comment: Barney Frank is the greatest! Tough, rational and a proud representative of Progessive values, Frank personifies the American spirit.