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Breaking: ISG to recommend pullback of troops from Iraq

Reported by Chrish - November 29, 2006 -

CNN is reporting right now 11/28/06 10:30pm EST on tomorrow's New York Times front page story that the Iraq Study Group will recommend a draw down of troops in Iraq.

The Times says

"The report, unanimously approved by the 10-member panel, led by James A. Baker III and Lee H. Hamilton, is to be delivered to President Bush next week. It is a compromise between distinct paths that the group has debated since March, avoiding a specific timetable, which has been opposed by Mr. Bush, but making it clear that the American troop commitment should not be open-ended. The recommendations of the group, formed at the request of members of Congress, are nonbinding."

"The report recommends that Mr. Bush make it clear that he intends to start the withdrawal relatively soon, and people familiar with the debate over the final language said the implicit message was that the process should begin sometime next year.

The report leaves unstated whether the 15 combat brigades that are the bulk of American fighting forces in Iraq would be brought home, or simply pulled back to bases in Iraq or in neighboring countries. (A brigade typically consists of 3,000 to 5,000 troops.) From those bases, they would still be responsible for protecting a substantial number of American troops who would remain in Iraq, including 70,000 or more American trainers, logistics experts and members of a rapid reaction force. "

The report is being discussed in depth on CNN with Anderson Cooper and phoned-in guests; on FOX, Greta Van Susterens announced a 30-second summary and teased another teacher-sex scandal after the break.

Real Journalism? We report, you decide.