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Sectarian Violence In Iraq Caused By Al Qaeda, Not A Civil War Claims Bush

Reported by Donna - November 28, 2006 -

Today on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer, they had a segment on what is causing all the violence in Iraq. They said that Bush was on a two day summit to talk about NATO in Afghanistan.

They said that the president would have liked to keep the focus on NATO in Afghanistan but the subject kept coming back to Iraq. The president said that the sectarian violence in Iraq is being caused by Al Qaeda, that there is not a civil war going on in Iraq. He stated that some are calling it a civil war. (Comment: Is the president using Fox's oft used line of some people say?)

There was no fair and balanced rebuttal to what the president was saying, just free reign of the president's words.

Comment: Call it what you will, the cause of the sectarian violence in Iraq is the war perpetrated by the United States. Al Qaeda was not even in Iraq before our invasion. Should it not be said then, that we caused Al Qaeda to come to Iraq?