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Neil Cavuto: "Global Pacifists" Pressuring Bush to Talk to Muslim "Nuts"

Reported by Melanie - November 28, 2006 -

This is how Fox's "business news" anchor, Neil Cavuto, opened his show today (November 29, 2006):

The President, the Pope. Both are on the road and both under enormous pressure to essentially talk to nuts. Welcome everybody, I'm Neil Cavuto and this is Your World.
President Bush under pressure to talk to Iran's Ahmadinejad. Pope Benedict under pressure to kowtow to some Muslims. More on the Pope in just a minute. First to the President, who is being pushed closer into talks with Iran. It seems some global pacifists are ruling the day and is that a recipe for peace or violence on an even larger scale?

With that, Cavuto launched into a 30-minute litany of seven reports and segments, pounding into his audience that yes, it would be a recipe for violence on an even larger scale if Bush were to talk to, as guest Michael Evans said, "the people who are killing our troops" in Iraq, or, as Mansoor Ijaz said, to talk to that "bunch of lunatic fanatics."

Since Fox is the canary in the coal mine regarding what the Bush administration is thinking, "global pacifists" might want to watch their backs; the Iraq Study Group might as well forget recommending that Bush open talks with Iran or Syria; and a heads up to Iran -- the mess in Iraq is your fault.