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Methinks O'Reilly doth protest too much

Reported by Chrish - November 28, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly, apparently unrested and still grumpy after his week off, returned to The Factor tonight 11/27/06 and immediately began to revisit last week's news because it fits in with his book-selling agenda. He again declared the Murdoch business decision to yank the OJ ratings-grab a victory for "his" side and chortled over some stores returning to the use of "Merry Christmas". It's "a holiday that encourages goodwill toward all people" and you Jewish shoppers just better get used to it.

Far-left secular progressive anti-American bomb-throwing flag-burning Christmas-hating loons everywhere (we are legion) wrote nasty things about poor Bill but he's back to tell you that there IS a war on Christmas and anyone who says otherwise is lying.

Let's see: every channel I watch or surf by is advertising Christmas gifts or running dozens of Christmas specials, movies, and cartoons. The news desks are adorned with holly and garlands with pointsettias as a backdrop. The newspaper is so fat with circulars and sales (all illustrated with trees, Santas, garlands and lights) that the dog can't pick it up, and the pages are filled with ads for The Christmas Carol, Nutcracker, Christmas with the Symphony, Handel's Messiah, drive-through Christmas light displays, and Santa opportunities . The Mayor's Christmas tree has been lit with great fanfare, carolers and a visit from Santa (actually a helper - Santa is waaay too busy right now). The catalogs are breaking the mailman's back. Two popular radio stations have been playing Christmas carols 24/7 for weeks already and won't stop until New Year's Eve. There's an entire wall of popcorn tins at every discount department store, embossed with Christmas trees, Nativity scenes, angels, Santas, kittens and ribbons, and snowmen - I have yet to see one with a Menorah or Muslim crescent and star. "Deck the Halls," "Santa Clause 3" and "The Nativity" are among the new movies out right now, with "Unaccompanied Minors" and "The Holiday" coming soon to a theater near you. And the stores! The drug store is selling Christmas candy and stuffed animals and wrapping paper and more candy and ornaments. The grocery has displays sprinkled around reminding us to get our nuts and red and green cherries for Christmas cookies, our roasters and hams for the big Christmas dinner, and our seasonal favorites, egg nog and candy cane ice cream - limited time only, gone after Christmas! Even the hardware store is festooned with garland and wreaths, with fake Christmas trees and lights front and center. There are Christmas trees at the florist, the hardware stores, the church lots, and K-mart. The Marriot has a huge light display counting down the days to Christmas - not Hannukah or New Years, Christmas. WTF is he talking about?

I love Christmas, always have. But dammit, when I go get toilet paper and dog food and maybe a new string of lights or wrapping paper four weeks before, I don't want a mandated Merry Christmas greeting from the cashier - I'd be very happy with a "thank you!" and a smile. It shows how homogenized "some people's" world is, that they expect everyone to have the same reaction. In the wider world there are atheists who look like Christians and Muslims who look like Baptists and Jews who look like Catholics, and on and on, and not everyone appreciates the sentiment. Just like O'Reilly is annoyed by those who want to say an inclusive "Happy Holidays" others are equally annoyed at having to respond to an innapropriate, even if well-intentioned, greeting.

It's really too bad that O'Reilly and his self-centered ilk have taken a time of goodwill and joy and turned it into a contentious, divisive situation. The politically-correct salutations were intended to include minorities in the spirit of the season but in true Grinchiness, O'Reilly is proud to have led the way in marginalizing these Americans again.

In fact, he sneers at the concept of "inclusiveness." He blames rising out-of-wedlock birth rates exclusively on progressives, who see traditional marriage as "a threat to their sacred tenet of inclusiveness," (presumably alluding to progressives who want to see their gay friends and family members get married, much as their progressive forebears wanted to see their inter-racial friends and family members get married.) O'Reilly concedes that he is desperately fighting for the America he grew up in forty years ago (when he was 16 and his wife-to-be was a newborn). But he can't get us back to a sweeter, simpler time by being nasty to everyone.