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John Gibson Thinks Endless War Will Keep Him Safe

Reported by Deborah - November 28, 2006 -

John Gibson thinks we should attack any country percieved as a threat or risk " destruction of a major city." Gibson's My Word commentary, Is Pre-Emption Dead?, aimed right at viewers deepest fears suggesting that either we support endless war or plan to be nuked at home.11/27/06

Gibson offered no alternatives to his doomsday scenario like maybe diplomacy. No, Gibson missed that possibility completely.

"I assume that means we Americans have decided that we will take the first hit before we strike back. We will take the first attack; we will take the first few thousand deaths; we will take the first destruction of a major city before we decide to go after whoever it may be over the horizon plotting against us."

Then after asking for volunteers to offer their own city up for attack, he suggests that anyone against pre-emption doesn't care who gets hurt as long as they're safe.

"I wonder if people have just decided they so dislike pre-emption they are willing to take a hit on an American city first — as long as it's a city where they don't live and where their relatives don't live."

I wonder if John Gibson decided he likes pre-emption because he doesn't have to fight the war. He can sit comfortably perched on his high paying soapbox while our troops, probably earning less each month than he pays on his Am Ex bill, are killed and maimed.