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FOX News Chickenhawks Disappointed Iraq Study Group Report May Prevent War With Iran, Syria

Reported by Ellen - November 28, 2006 -

Newt Gingrich and Dick Morris, neither of whom saw fit to serve in the military themselves, were full of anxiety last night (11/27/06) that the forthcoming report by the Iraq Study Group urging “an aggressive regional diplomatic initiative that includes direct talks with Iran and Syria” would preclude an escalation of Middle East hostilities that they are so hoping for.

Gingrich is in New Hampshire exploring a run for president. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that he’s been getting lots of exposure on Hannity & Colmes lately, including last night’s double segment. Gingrich made the questionable analogy of comparing the Iraq war to the American Revolution. “If there had been a Baker-Hamilton Commission (during the Revolution), they might have talked about how to negotiate with the British, how to be realistic, how to be reasonable. Washington brought his generals in and said ‘We’re going to cross the Delaware at night… and we’re going to win a great victory to re-establish the morale of the American forces. The password that night for the Americans was victory or death. Now I find that chilling that here was an American leader so courageous, so committed to victory that even though he seemed to be overwhelmingly outnumbered, he had the moral courage to gamble it all.”

Gingrich added, “I would really hope that the Baker-Hamilton Commission and the Bush administration will rule out bringing these two predatory countries to the table and will insist on a strategy, a new strategy, for what I would call a third campaign, accept the fact that the second campaign did not succeed and let’s think through a third campaign that lets us defeat terrorism, not find a way to negotiate with the terrorists.”

Gingrich insisted “third campaign” didn’t mean going to war, though it sure sounded otherwise. He claimed that his goal is to refurbish the United States’ standing in the world. “The Lebanese should be more afraid of America than of Syria,” Gingrich said.

Since he’s thinking of running for president and advocating for “a great victory to re-establish the morale of the American forces,” it’s pretty clear he fashions himself a modern-day Washington - without the military experience.

In the next segment, Dick Morris abruptly changed the topic away from Alcee Hastings in the middle of some tough questions from Alan Colmes. Morris has no more military experience than Gingrich and has even fewer credentials in foreign policy but that didn’t stop him from urging war on the rest of us. “(Gingrich) missed the point… If we go to Iran and ask for their help in Iraq, we can’t bomb them, we can’t stop buying their oil and we can’t have effective UN sanctions.”

Colmes asked “Are you suggesting bombing Iran?”

Morris answered, “Absolutely. I think that before we let Iran go nuclear, we should attack or Israel should attack.”