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Bill O'Reilly Declares " The City Of Chicago Is Stupid"

Reported by Deborah - November 28, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly can't seem to let go of his Christmas Compulsion. Last night he went after Crate & Barrel and tonight it was the entire city of Chicago. It's a real shame that Bill let his seasonal obsession damage his new friendship with Oprah who will not be at all happy when she hears O'Reilly trashed her city. 11/28/06

Last night O'Reilly was annoyed that a spokesperson for Crate & Barrel told him she will not insist that the sales force say Merry Christmas. BOR admitted to Kirsten Powers that he was "small" and "petty" about the issue but cheerfully explained that it really annoyed him. Now for Bill O'Reilly that kind of light hearted self analysis must be considered major progress. Of course, it didn't stop him from naming the woman he spoke to at Crate & Barrel and getting the word out to his army to cross them off their list. ( This was not said directly)

Tonight the compulsion took over again but he managed to open the segment claiming that he didn't want to do the Christmas thing this year but... Again there is progress since he's now aware of the problem but still powerless to control it.

It seems that the new movie, "The Nativity" had planned to place several large screens around the festival to show trailers with audio throughout the event. There were objections and you know the rest of the story by now. Bill got pretty worked up about the whole deal and managed to call Chicago stupid several times adding one more city to his list of offended offenders.

Later in the show, Dr. Keith Ablow appeared to plug his new show dealing with the " anger disease" The air crackled with tension as those words were uttered. Would Bill O'Reilly take this personally? Sure enough he quickly objected claiming a difference between plain old anger and "righteous anger." Ablow was all ready with the magic words soothing the irritated T-Warrior. Ablow acknowledged the difference and said " People should take your cue and have more of it." The great warrior was satisfied and Ablow, trying to avoid BOR's "righteous anger, was careful to keep Christmas out of the conversation.