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Has-Been Republican Entertainers Become Economic Experts on Fox

Reported by Melanie - November 27, 2006 -

The first segment today (November 27, 2006) on Fox's "premiere business news" program, Your World w/Neil Cavuto, was a roundtable discussion about whether Friday's "huge holiday shopping defies 'doom and gloomers'" (the answer was yes, of course). Two of the four panelists were boxing promoter Don King, an avid Bush supporter who appeared on screen waving twin American flags, and singer Pat Boone, another avid Bush supporter.

Cavuto's audience, under the unfortunate impression that it was watching an actual business news program, heard "expertise" like this from King and Boone:

King: "The American people are very comfortable with the economy, with jobs, with home ownership. All these are policies of George Walker Bush. He's the victim of what they call public opinion. You can do anything with public opinion. You can do nothing without it." A "bad run of things" has happened "from the different scandals that ensued" but the people "rest and rely upon the economy, jobs. You vote your job until public opinion galvanizes you into another direction."

As you can tell, expressing oneself clearly and concisely isn't a Fox News requirement; the ability to simultaneously wave two American flags suffices.

Boone: We, "all ought to take into account that this time of year, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, is a season of g-i-v-i-n-g. [Boone's emphasis.] The whole reason that the retailers look for the Christmas season and the whole economy does, is because, suddenly, for a few weeks, the American people, from top to bottom, get out into stores and they buy stuff to give. To give. To give. And that revitalizes the whole economy."

Okee dokee.

Isn't this pitiful? Big bad Neil Cavuto, the "managing editor" of Fox's business news department drags out and dusts off two has-been entertainers and props them up as financial experts for the lead segment of his show. Says a lot, doesn't it?