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Fox Guest Says At Least Congressman Dingell Isn't One Of The 'Crazies' On Their Side

Reported by Donna - November 27, 2006 -

Today on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer there was a segment that spoke about what direction the new Congress was going to take. Only Hemmer didn't say what direction was the new Congress going to take, he asked if investigations was the right direction for Democrats

The Democratic guest, Jack Quinn, former White House council, quickly corrected him and said it was what direction the new Congress made that was important. He said that oversight, including investigations was a very important job for the Congress to do since it hadn't done the oversight in a long time.

Ed Rogers, an aide to George Bush 41 said that Dingell wasn't 'one of the crazies' in the Democratic Congress (Comment: Well, I wonder who all the crazies are?) and that the Democrats don't want a fight with the White House, that they had made a lot of promises and that should be their guiding force. He also said that a lot of the posturing going on on the Democratic side, that people would greet it with a roll of the eyes and the shrug of a shoulders.

Comments: The point was made expertly by Quinn that it was the job of Congress to do investigations and to make sure that oversight was used in respect to the Executive branch of government. He even used examples of oversight done when George Washington was in office. Rogers, meanwhile, was happy that Dingell wasn't one of the crazies. Which begs to ask, who are the crazies he's talking about?

What Fox does when it asks if it's good for Democrats to hold investigations is that it politicizes the object of what Congress is supposed to be doing. To add the remark about 'the crazies' in there was just another indication of the caliber of guest that Fox uses on the Republican side to tell their story.