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Fox - Al Sadr Fear Mongoring & The War Must Continue

Reported by Donna - November 27, 2006 -

Fox News tells the story using the banner method. Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he spoke about how the U.S. could have captured Al Sadr but chose not to with Dan Senor and a more indepth interview with the National Security Correspondant, Dan Ephron, from News Week.

Senor explained that when Al Sadr first took over his militia was only about 1,000. Now it is in the 10's of thousands. He said that unfortunately the decision was made in Washington not to go after him and this actually emboldened him. (Comment: Read: If we pull out of Iraq now they will really be emboldened)

Senor said that Al Sadr has actually modeled his militia and political power after Hezbollah. (Comment: Read: Another mistake by this administration) He said that Washington didn't want to deal with another front by taking on Al Sadr.

He said that what we have learned is they respond to strength not weakness. (Comment: Read: Another example of if we withdrawal from Iraq they will be emboldened)

During Senor's segment here is how the banners read:

How To Stop The Sprial Into Civil War

President Bush To Urge Maliki To Stop Sectarian Militias

How To Stop The Spiral Into Civil War

He then had the interview with the writer from Newsweek, Dan Ephron, the national securtiy corresponent for Newsweek and one of the writers for the cover story this week, The Most Dangerous Man In Iraq.

They spoke about how powerful Al Sadr had become when we could have curtailed some of that power in 2003 and 2004. They also spoke about the new phase which Ephron said was that October was the most violent month with over 3700 deaths and that 100,000 Iraqis were moving out every month into Syria and into Jordan because of the violence.

Here's how the banners read in that segment:

Anti U.S. Cleric Al-Sadr A Key Player In Iraq

2006: Al Sadr Has APX 15,000+ Armed Followers

2005: Al Sadr's Followers Won 30 of 275 Seats In Parliament

Al-Sadr Supporters Threaten To Quit If PM Meets W/Bush

Experts: Sadr Has Loyalty of 3 to 5 Million Shiites

Muqtada Al-Sadr May Hold Iraq's Future In His Hands

Al-Sadr Supporters Threaten To Quit IF PM Meets W/Bush

Muqtada Al-Sadr May Hold Iraq's Future In His Hands

Comments: So, there you have it - more fear mongoring focusing on Al Sadr. Very little was focused on the fact that this administration could have arrested Al Sadr. Senor played up the weakness bad, aggressiveness good angle, virtually saying that we needed to continue our war with Iraq so as to not embolden our enemy.

Well, maybe people fell for it years ago, but they're not falling for it anymore, unless you fall for the constant repititious banners that try and tell Fox's side of the story and perpetuate the fear mongoring.