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Faux liberal and so-called feminist Susan Estrich attacks Nancy Pelosi

Reported by Chrish - November 27, 2006 -

We quickly noticed while monitoring for Outfoxed that the conservatives on FOX are hardcore and passionate and uncompromising, and the "liberals" are really centrists and often willing to go along with the more powerful voice, giving right-wing pundits a rationale for calling Dems and liberals weak. Susan Estrich is one of those liberals, willing and able to see both sides and frequently convinced to side against her self-proclaimed party alliance.

In a FOXNews.com article titled "Pelosi Bungling Democratic Win With Hastings Appointment" Estrich rips into Nancy Pelosi:

"Now, we all know that when two men hate each other, what do we say? Do we walk around looking for animals to compare their disagreement to?

Do we say these two are caught in a dog fight, and belittle them for it?

The fact is that the fight between Pelosi and Harman reflects badly on Pelosi herself. She is inevitably one of the “cats” in the catfight. It hardly elevates her as a leader to be thought of as a petty woman counting and comparing her Sunday television appearances with the other prominent woman in the delegation.

After all, she is about to be in the line of succession for the presidency. If she is still worried about having other women in the room, then the women who are supporting her have reason to worry about her."

This brialliant analysis was arrived upon at Estrich's Thanksgiving table, where "virtually everyone was friends or fans of Nancy Pelosi, the incoming Speaker, and Jane Harman, who should be the incoming chair of Intelligence, were it not for whateveryone seem(ed) to concede is a personal problem between the two women." It is so sexist and unhelpful of Estrich to perpetuate this myth - she should know better than to go along with this "catty" framing.

She can disagree with Pelosi's choices but she should also not ascribe motives to them that diminish her authority or ability unless she would make the same accusations against a man.