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Kool-Aid Is The Beverage Of Choice In The Heartland

Reported by Chrish - November 26, 2006 -


In presenting news and commentary, Fox must think that it viewers have the collective intelligence and emotional maturity of third graders as their news presentation tends towards simplistic and chirpy. Last night’s Heartland 11/25/06 was a good example of Fox’s “don’t worry, be happy” Iraq spin.

Kasich interviewed Iowa Republican congressman Steve King about the situation in Iraq. Kasich, whose head is not totally buried in the sand, noted that the past week has seen a very high level of attacks in Iraq. Congressman King, who according to Wikipedia is “reputed to have one of the most conservative records in the country” said (II kid you not) “it’s not nearly as bad as it’s been depicted.” He admitted that there are problems in Baghdad but “not nearly as many as is depicted in the news” and that the “rest of the nation is in far better condition.” He added that he is “far more optimistic today than when I arrived here.” (Comment: is this guy on pharmaceuticals?)

Kasich didn’t mention all the events on the ground that would seem to contradict King’s absurd statement and proceeded to ask what should be done with Al-Sadr, who Kasich noted is the “biggest threat.” King responded that we need to separate the Shia from the Iranians and the radicals and once this is done, if we continue to support them, we can win the war (Comment: simplistic news).

Kasich asked about the possibility of the country breaking apart into three sections. King, ever the optimist, said that “there is a sense of patriotism in Iraq” and that the “Iraqi people consider themselves Iraqis first.”

Kasich ended the interview by saying that he was encouraged by King’s report.

Comment: Congressman King is either in serious denial or so blinded by sheer partisanship that he doesn’t see the daily carnage to the Iraqi people and the American military. Retired generals – men with military experience – are saying that this war is not winnable. In addition to the damage to the infrastructure in Iraq, there is also a large and looming refugee problem as people flee their targeted neighborhoods. The Iraqi Ministry of Interior still supports the death squads. Was Congressman King visiting some other country because it doesn’t seem like he has a clue as to what the real facts on the ground are. And for Kasich to let these comments go unchallenged shows that he must be drinking from the Fox Kool Aid tap!!!!