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Dennis Miller's condescending rant on Heartland

Reported by Chrish - November 26, 2006 -

Of course, he's condescending all the time and Democrats are his targets so it's really not "news", but take a look at Miller's 14th minute of fame before it too slips away to the old jokes' home (video after the jump).

Miller appeared on Heartland Saturday 11/25/06 to opine that Bush's greatest accomplishment has been to keep us terror-attack-free for 1,893 days although intelligence experts say we are less safe than we were on 9/11/01 and we will be attacked again. Miller says that Democrats have to keep their eyes on the ball (as the cute Fox and Friends video showed a bouncing OBL head) yet doesn't take the time to complain that the Bush administration are the ones who dropped said ball. As Miller verbally insults Speaker-elect Pelosi the cute video shows her speaking with a piece of tape superimposed over her mouth, a disrespect never, never shown to Speaker Hastert.

Watch for yourselves, and while you're over there check out "Is global warming a hoax?" and "Study on off-shore platforms", a sales pitch for sinking defunct oil rigs to save the oil companies the expense of tearing them down, or as they put it, to create habitat for sea life. Oy vey.