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Fox News' Own Immigrant Likes Immigration

Reported by Judy - November 25, 2006 -

For all its constant demonizing of immigrants, Fox News must love immigrants. Why else would it let a green-card holder like Stuart Varney spout off on immigration so often?

Varney, a Fox News business reporter, has bragged about his own green card in the midst of attacking illegal immigrants in the past. Once, he even displayed his green card on camera.

Varney didn't do that when he appeared on "Cavuto on Business" on Saturday (November 25, 2006), but his presence during a segment on the future of immigration law changes under the Democratically-controlled Congress raised a question in my mind: How did Varney did a green card for a job reporting on the American economy?

Green cards are supposed to be granted in areas where there is a shortage of American workers. There is no shortage of American journalists. According to an annual survey of journalism graduates, nearly four out of ten recent journalism graduates were without jobs five months after finishing school. And that's an improvement over recent years, according to the annual survey.

On top of that, newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times are cutting staff, putting more journalists onto the job market. Surely one of them knows as much about the American economy as the immigrant Varney.

So how does Varney keep getting his green card renewed? Is he truly a "legal" immigrant or is he getting special treatment?

And why hasn't he become an American citizen yet? Isn't he ever going to assimilate and get rid of that accent? To adapt one of Varney's own lines, it's divisive to have people speaking English with a funny accent.

Not surprisingly, Varney thinks mass immigration has been an unmitigated plus for the American economy. It certainly has been a plus for him.