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When Does A Country Become A Regime On Fox News? When It's No Longer Close With This Administration

Reported by Donna - November 24, 2006 -

I've been watching Studio B with Shepard Smith for almost 2 years and have noticed their use of the word regime when it comes to a country, it is a country that this administration doesn't agree with.

Today I found out a new regime.

It seems that Russia is selling weapons to Iran, and Adam Housley, who was substituting for Shepard Smith, was speaking with Stanley Kober from the Cato Institute about this and also the reason that the United States, which had been very close with the Russians 3 years ago, was no longer close.

That's when Housley called Russia a regime. Was this because they had been close to the Bush Administration but this was no longer the case?

Kober said that to get this closeness again that we needed to start building ties and try programs such as student exchange programs.

Comment: I find it odd how Fox automatically labels a country a regime when they fall out of Bush's favor. Let's see, what happened about 3 years ago that could have caused some tension between us and other countries around the world? Could that be the war in Iraq? Why this wasn't looked at is amazing to me.

It also made me wonder -- are we a regime to these other countries?