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No news is good news on the Big Story

Reported by Chrish - November 21, 2006 -

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, or perhaps because all the news is demoralizing and depressing, The Big Story chose "fluff" pieces and local newss tories to fill out the hour hosted by John Gibson 11/21/06/

There were two segments on the cancellation of the OJ Simpson programming and withdrawing of the book he penned about the murders of his wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman, an extended segment on actor Michael Richards' racist outburst at a comedy club, a piece on Nancy Grace and the woman who committed suicide after a guest appearance on her cable show, one each on a breastfeeding sit-in protesting Delta Airlines for the harrassment of a bf mother and the trial of Mormon polygamist Warren Jeffs, the war on Christmas lady in NYC and the imams detained for praying in public, and a shallow piece on the Middle East and the newest soundbite foreign policy as analyzed by a former embedded reporter and Marine. Last but not least, well maybe least, was a segment instructing travellers on the ridiculous hoops Homeland Security is making them jump through before they can board a plane to go to Grandma's, plus letters to Gibson and his "My Word" - if Rosie O'Donnell hadn't "outed" Clay Aiken then Gibson sure did.

Real journalism, fair and balanced. Isn't this the pop culture crapolla Bill O'reilly so deplores?

Missing was
White House cuts economic growth forecast,

Reno Files Challenge to Terror Law

Lebanon mourns murdered minister

Did voting machines steal a Democratic victory?

Marine pleads guilty to assault in case of Iraqi death

Another day, another distraction.