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Fox Calls O.J. Simpson - Former Gridiron Great

Reported by Donna - November 20, 2006 -

During Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer, Fox ran a promo commercial for Hannity and Colmes show tonight. The discussion would be about O.J. Simpson. Now, Shepard Smith said you wouldn't be seeing anything about O.J. Simpson on any of the Fox News Shows, it seems he is quite mistaken.

What's even worse is how they referred to O.J. Simpson. In the promo they called him the "Former Gridiron Great" and debate his future. It's so nice who and how Fox decides to bestow their respect to.

Comments: The hypocrisy on Fox is sky high. There has been plenty of talk about Simpson on Fox News. But this latest, referring to him as a 'former gridiron great' and debating his future, really takes the cake. But as long as they're getting their ratings going for their O.J. show, I guess nothing else really matters.

And I'm sure there are many ways of referring to Mr. Simpson other than former gridiron great.