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Bill Maher Questions Fox's Reporting Techniques

Reported by Donna - November 20, 2006 -

On Friday night, the final show of the season for Bill Maher on Real Time on HBO he had a segment on where he spoke with Dan Rather about the secret memo that went out from Fox about how their employees were to cover the Democrats winning both Houses of Congress.

This statement has been covered here, before, I just wanted to get Maher's perspective on it.

Maher said that the statement said, "Be on the lookout for any statements from Iraqi insurgents thrilled at the prospect of a Democratically controlled Congress." Maher said this struck him as the opposite of what journalism was.

Rather said that Fox news operates differently than any other of the news services. He said this was not a crime, this was just the way that Fox operates.

Maher said that questioning power is what the news media should be doing. Questioning power and being skeptical of it.

Comment: The memo that went out is amazing in itself. How does one call themselves a news service when they are trying to actually 'frame' the news in a slanted way?

This thread is about Fox's memo and how it affects it's ability to cover the news effectively. This thread is not about Dan Rather, please keep your comments to the memo, Maher's reaction to it and your reaction to it.