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Affiliates, Advertisers Jumping Ship, Want No Part of O.J. Interview

Reported by Marie Therese - November 20, 2006 -

Various news sources (including FOX & Friends) are reporting today that FOX Broadcasting, FOX News, Judith Regan and HarperCollins are all experiencing a deluge of protests surrounding Regan's payment of $3.5 million to former football great and acquitted double murderer O. J. Simpson for a book and a TV interview to be aired at the end of November. According to the New York Daily News many FOX affiliates are refusing to carry the program, citing a large number of negative phone and email messages from outraged viewers. These include stations owned by Pappas Entertainment, Tribune Broadcasting and Lin Broadacasting. Additionally, many individual advertisers state that they want nothing to do with the show.

This morning the FOX & Friends crew trotted out the latest talking point, as they tried desperately to keep the S. S. O.J. afloat.

They've been teasing their viewers with the idea that maybe O. J. could be prosecuted again as a result of the book and/or interview, despite the fact that in the first hour they interviewed an attorney who told them that there is virtually no chance of Simpson ever seeing the inside of a courtroom.