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Will FOX sink from all the leaks it's sprung?

Reported by Chrish - November 19, 2006 -

Another daily memo (November 13, 2006) from FOX News VP John Moody has surfaced, this time at Slate.com. The tone is much the same: portray Democrats engaging in a "blue bloodbath" over the Hoyer/Murtha contest, a little more ground-laying for an attack on Iran, and a ramping up of the immigration issue as seen from the Mexican border.

Bill O'Reilly chose door number 3 for his nightly Talking Point Memo 11/13/06. It was the logical choice, as the Wall Street Journal had editorialized

"Bush might yet save his party from losing generations of Latinos... we hope his party lets him, having learned the hard way not to follow Lou Dobbs, Bill O'Reilly and the editors of the National Review magazine down the garden path to defeat.""
and O'Reilly had to defend himself from any responsibility. (Of course, had the election gone the other way, he would be crowing and claiming full credit for the Factor viewers' who followed his not-so-subtle endorsements.)

The Moody memo said
"The NG members from NM thought Afghanistan was tough duty. But they're finding their overseas stint was just a warmup for trying to patrol America's southern border. And excellent training too.

A recent study of the Mexican border concluded that gangs are the law of that lawless land. Now the proof: Mexican cartels have moved pot production to California to avoid the muss and fuss of smuggling it into the US..."

He says the "intrinsic question" raised in both these "stories" is "does the US have the right to defend her borders or not? Let's see if anyone says no."

(Obviously Moody meant the the "gotcha" question, a favorite tactic [especially of Hannity, who has no debating skills outside hammering the intrinsic question du jour] intended to spotlight posturing compadres and make nuanced critical thinkers look wishy-washy. We are SO onto you, Moody.)

Moody suggested that soldiers returning from a deadly war zone were just getting practice for the real thing, the American/Mexican border. Good soldier O'Reilly tried to ramp up his own rhetoric, saying our "border counties are under siege" and "(t)he prisons are full of illegals who have committed terrible crimes." Is this how they support the troops, demeaning the real dangers overseas? There's no question ilegal immigration is out of control but to compare our border to Afghanistan is ridiculous hyperbole. While O'Reilly tried to soften the blows with acknowledgment that "most are good and honest" he still doesn't get that his pre-election fear-mongering on behalf of Republicans has backfired and he is following a leader who is out of step.