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Bill O'Reilly Looks Foolish Again With Al Franken Smear

Reported by Deborah - November 18, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly, looking smug, announced during his Ridiculous Item segment, 11/17, Al Franken was leaving the " bankrupt Air America" but would probably show up on those far left cable shows.Hopefully, he'll drive them into the ground as well." Of course, O'Reilly is too immature to use Franken's real name still calling him " Stewart Smalley". That would be foolish enough but O'Reilly neglected to tell his audience that Franken is leaving Air America for a time for a trip to entertain troops in Afganistan and Iraq .Isn't that odd that O'Reilly forgot to mention that news?

Steve Young posted, on Huffington Post, a correction to his own earlier post about Franken leaving AA.

" Al is leaving all right...for Iraq and Afghanistan on a USO Tour.

This is Al's third trip to entertain the troops in the war torn area. You know, like Sean Hannity and O'Reil... Oh, yeah. Better nix those last two. I forgot. It's only the ones who undermine the troops who head over to the front lines with our guys. The ones pushing to send them over...well, you know. Busy, busy.

While some have said he's leaving Air America, he hasn't. As Al told me last night, at this point, he's "made no decision on leaving the show." And it is up to him. Which means, as of today, when he returns, he could just as well be back at the Air America mike as begin a run for Senate or study the history of bakliva. Nothing has been determined."

Guess O'Reilly was a little too anxious to run with unconfirmed information especially when Al Franken is involved and there's no way BOR would ever give Franken credit for actually supporting our troops and loving his country proactively.

As if that wasn't enough to make O'Reilly look foolish, he added a short clip of his producer yelling from the street to Ward Churchill who was standing on the path in front of his house. This producer seems to travel around for BOR confronting various people and recording their angry reactions. When he yelled that he was from the O'Reilly Show, Churchill turned away saying "kiss my ass." Then Bill's boy yelled about apologizing to 9/11 victims. Amused and sneering, Bill commented on Churchill's salary and his " articulate" response.

I'm curious about how Bill's travelling boy got to Churchill. Did he wait for him to arrive home or did he ring the bell and run away? I"ll vote for the bell ringing.