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Toxic Trifecta at FOX News: Dennis Miller, Greg Gutfeld and Mancow Muller. Barf Bags, Anyone?

Reported by Marie Therese - November 17, 2006 -

In the wake of hiring conservative unfunnyman Dennis Miller and "hate jock" Greg Gutfeld, FOX News Channel announced on Wednesday that it has also hired Erich "Mancow" Muller, the abrasive, over-the-top Chicago-based shock jock, to host a special this coming Saturday at 9:00 PM ET. Mancow is a graceless, self-important popinjay who suffers from a complete lack of empathy, self-knowledge and charisma. He has a big mouth and his delivery reminds me of a large deflating ballon making obscene noises as it bounces off the walls and the ceiling.

Muller has appeared regularly on FOX & Friends for the past several months and I cringe at the thought of what he will dish up for the FOX audience on Saturday night.

The special is called "Planet Mancow" and promises to be - well - distasteful and crude with little in the way of real "news".

During a teaser interview on FOX & Friends (November 15, 2006) Muller said that his show would include an interview with William Shatner, a 9-11 conspiracy "nut" going head-to-head with a New York firefighter who was at Ground Zero and, as he put it, "we also have internet predator codes."


Apparently, FOX News actually thinks Mancow will appeal to a younger audience.

I hate to break it to them.

I don't think a whole lot of twenty- and thirty-somethings are going to stay home on Saturday night just to watch Erich "Mancow" Muller bully, insult and demean his guests as part of some self-delusional fantasy that he is the conservative answer to Howard Stern!