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Mark Fuhrman Freaks Out Over O.J. Simpson

Reported by Ellen - November 17, 2006 -

Mark Fuhrman, the “n” word-using former detective whose racism may have been responsible for O.J. Simpson’s acquittal, freaked out on Hannity & Colmes last night (11/16/06) over the upcoming O.J. interview on FOX TV. First, Fuhrman, now a FOX News contributor, made the racially-tinged statement that people like Simpson “will kill somebody and go have some chicken at KFC. You will catch them eatin’ chicken and drinkin’ a beer after they just murdered three people.” Then, Fuhrman completely lost it when confronted on it by Alan Colmes. With video.

Let me first say that I thought O.J. was guilty and I find it repulsive that anyone could write a book speculating on how to murder someone, much less someone close to him. But Simpson was found not guilty in a court of law and, though I’ll probably loathe him forever, I think it’s my duty as an American to abide by our system of justice. Not so Sean Hannity and his pal, Mark Fuhrman. They appointed themselves judges of their own, personal criminal justice system and repeatedly announced that Simpson is guilty nonetheless. They did not say they thought Simpson was guilty, they pronounced him guilty.

Fuhrman declared he would have nothing further to do with HarperCollins or Judith Regan as a result of their publishing Simpson’s book. I can respect that, admire it even, but Fuhrman didn't seem to be upset that Regan (or FOX) was profiting off something so distasteful as a book about a "hypothetical" murder of an ex-wife and her friend. Instead, Fuhrman seemed more concerned that Simpson was escaping punishment.. "Judith Regan should realize that a confession, even if it was, would even be more painful because you can do absolutely nothing to him. Everybody knows who committed this crime… This is a man that murdered his children’s mother. He cares nothing about the children. He cares nothing about the outcome of this interview or this book on the children… This is a lack of integrity across the board.”

Next, Fuhrman appointed himself a psychologist and declared Simpson a sociopath who wants the limelight back. “He’s out of his mind,” Fuhrman said though, as far as I know, he has no psychological training nor credentials.

Hannity has no formal training in law or law enforcement but that never stops him from offering his superior forensic expertise. He called the evidence “incontrovertible” and said, “It is shocking to the senses that this man got off scot free on this thing.” However, he did make a good point that the FOX interview with Regan might reveal his guilt in a way that might heal the rift over him.

Hannity drew the line at playing shrink, though, and asked Fuhrman how he knows OJ has no remorse.

Fuhrman replied, “Sean, I’m gonna tell you this right now. I dealt with people like this for 20 years. They will get up every day. They will kill somebody and go have some chicken at KFC. You will catch them eatin’ chicken and drinkin’ a beer after they just murdered three people. Sean, these people are out there. They’re all over the place.”

Fuhrman exhorted viewers to boycott to prove "we’re not interested in what we already know.” As Hannity made the argument that Regan had the right to put forth all kinds of opinions, Fuhrman made the chilling statement, “There’s a difference between the First Amendment, freedom of speech and the despicable nature of the lack of morals, and spirituality and integrity of this country.

In part two of the interview, Colmes confronted Fuhrman on the role of racism in OJ’s acquittal. “You got into some controversy during your testimony. They tried to paint you as a racist… Does that bear any relation to the acquittal of OJ Simpson?”

That's when Fuhrman began to lose it. He called the racial angle “apples and oranges…. I’m not answering that question…. I’m done answering that.”

Colmes moved on to ask who Fuhrman meant when he said murderers go to KFC. “Do you think that comment could be interpreted as a racist comment? They go have chicken at KFC?”

Fuhrman accused Colmes of having a chip on his shoulder and added, “You haven’t asked a decent question yet.”

“Maybe I haven’t gotten a decent answer…”

“That’s right and you won’t.”

“You think I’ve got a chip on my shoulder? What’s your problem, Mark?”

Fuhrman said, “That’s fine. I’ve got a chip on my shoulder, you satisfied? Now, let’s move on to a real question.”

“Why do you have a chip on your shoulder?”

“People like you, Alan.” Then, sounding reminiscent of the “terrorists love Democrats” accusations heard so often on FOX News, Fuhrman told Colmes that Simpson loves him because he’s doing Simpson’s bidding, saying he got a bum rap because of racism (Comment: Colmes never said that. He suggested that perceptions of racism played a part in the acquittal.)

As the interview closed, Hannity reiterated that the evidence against Simpson was “overwhelming.”

Maybe we should just send Simpson to Hannity’s buddy George “Macaca” Allen, the one who keeps the noose on the wall for some frontier justice. Because clearly the rule of law is not good enough for Hannity and Fuhrman.

The complete interview is on FOXNews.com. The confrontation between Colmes and Fuhrman is below.