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Why FOX is spotlighting OJ: "you want us to"

Reported by Chrish - November 16, 2006 -

The folks at FOX News are falling all over themselves to be transparent about the fact that the television channel, the book publisher, and the interviewer enabling the re-opening of the OJ murders are sister companies owned by News Corp. - all except Bill O'Reilly, who foolishly proclaimed last night 11/15/06 "For the record, Fox Broadcasting has nothing to do with the Fox News Channel."

But Mike Straka, FoxNews.com columnist, defends the wildly unpopular decision by saying that

"We cover him because you want us to. We all love train wrecks, no matter how gruesome they are, and O.J. Simpson is a train wreck to end all train wrecks."

Amazing - News Corp. isn't the ratings whore, we're the sleazy crap-TV johns. It's our fault they're choosing to promote this "sleazy murderin' dog"'s cutesy confession; they're just giving us what we want. WE are disgusting. (Anyone even slightly familiar with abusive situations will recognize this tactic.)

Well, we never heard any demand for more OJ and more gruesome details of his heinous crime, even presented in a once-removed fantasy what-if shroud. Judging from OUR g-mail, cc:s and misdirected (it's amazing how many writers mistake us for FOX, lol), even loyal FOX viewers think this is going too far and vow to turn their backs on FOX if they go ahead with this project.

At least one network, NBC, turned down the interview. So let's make clear where the onus falls for publicizing and profiting from this appalling shameless money-grab: News Corp., dba Harper Collins and FOX Broadcasting. You can't blame O'Reilly for trying to distance himself from this but it is all in the family and he has to face the unpleasant truth that his employer is part - a big part - of the problem when it comes to the downgrading of American culture.