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O'Reilly conflates OJ Simpson and late-term abortions to sell books

Reported by Chrish - November 16, 2006 -

A definition of bias reads a: a bent, tendency b: an inclination of temperament or outlook; especially : a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment. Bill O'Reilly is showing a tendency to seeing everything in the context of his latest book, tying everything into the so-called "culture war" the way Neil Cavuto ties every movement in the Dow Jones to the Bush administration (up) or the Democratic party (down). The hypocrisy was never greater than today 11/15/06 during Talking Points Memo.

After announcing we are entering THE no-spin zone, O'Reilly dissed FOX TV and "a publisher" (Harper Collins, another News Corp. holding), who want to make some money off of the project. Then, in an effort to promote his book and make some money himself, he proceeded to tie the OJ controversey into the Tiller controversey, conflating the two so he could point to the "culture war" he defines in his book. He says in both cases someone is profiting from murder, and we as a culture must take a stand.

HE is not going to watch the interviews or buy the book and will boycott any and every product of any and every advertiser during the program, leaving one to wonder how he will know which companies to boycott. (He will outsource the dirty work, of course, probably to the crowds of illegal immigrants who are driving down his property values.) If nobody watched, the show would not go on and the evil profiting corporation (his employer) would have no incentive to air it.

Once again a FOX employee is telling viewers that WE are the cause of the airing of the program - News Corp. can't (like NBC did) refuse to air the program, refuse to give Simpson a national audience. Of course it's a lie that we "demand" this programming. Sure there are dolts who will watch it but there are far more people who would watch porn and they're not airing that. Oh, wait, News Corp. has a porn division too.

In a spectacle of hyperbole, O'Reilly said that we have almost reached the lows of the Roman Empire, where any brutality goes, no boundaries. Yeah, that's what I see in my town every day - it's just like Road Warrior.

So, literally seconds after he enjoins viewers to not watch the Simpson interview, the Top Story was a graphic blow-by-blow description of the murders ("a reminder", he said solemnly) complete with videos of the scenes that first couple of days.

In the course of interviewing Tom Lange (lead detective LAPD) and Chris Darden (prosecuting attorney) O'Reilly showed his complete lack of respect for facts or evidence in this exchange:

BOR: Our investigation done independently from any police investigation, Detective, said that there was somebody that helped Simpson, and we suspect that it was Robert Kardashian, now deceased. Does that jibe with what you know?

TL: No. That's, certainly not at the crime scene. Again, all of the evidence at the crime scene indicates only one suspect. I know there's been a lot of talk and conjecture but when all else fails we have to actually go to the evidence and that tells us one suspect and one murder weapon. After this I'm sure there was some people that assisted Simpson, possibly Kardashian, but again there's no proof to that.

BOR: No. But Kardashian, it looks to us, did uh, dispose of clothing and things like that.

TL: Well, we don't know that because... (pauses as BOR overtalks)

BOR: I'm saying that; you guys can differ.

Well there you go. It's never been clearer that to BOR ( and generally on FOX) the truth is just a matter of opinion, facts and evidence be damned. They believe it, there's no proof but a gut feeling, and that's good enough to present viewers with an "alternate truth" conjured up because it fits.

At the end of the segment O'Reilly again endorsed NOT watching the show or buyiong the book, and Lange pointed out that he agrees but here they all are, discussing it and promoting it; to which O'Reilly answered that he is condemning it, and there's a difference.

It was Brendan Behan who said there's no such thing as bad publicity, and Rupert Murdoch is tsk-tsking all the way to the bank.

Bill O'Reilly could take a principled stand and resign over this rock-bottom culture low - surely he doesn't need any more money - but that would require him to be a real warrior, and he just plays one on TV.