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Another vendetta launched by Bill O'Reilly

Reported by Chrish - November 16, 2006 -

Using the platform afforded him by FOX News, Bill O'Reilly launched yet another personal vendetta via his "most ridiculous item" yesterday 11/14/06, this time against GQ specifically and Conde Nast in general. He urged his viewers "Don't advertise, don't buy." I'll bet that's really going to teach them a lesson, when all those FOX addicts pull their multi-million dollar ad campaigns.

First O'Reilly insinuates that his blacklisting of the Syracuse Post-Standard and the Dayton Daily News has contributed to their "continue(d loss of) circulation, and we hope they wise up." Of course, newspapers nationwide are losing circulation as more readers turn to the Internets for more scope and variety. Editor and Publisher recently reported that

"This is the fourth consecutive semi-annual report to register a severe drop in daily circulation and -- perhaps more troubling to the industry -- Sunday copies. While the estimated decline 2.8% for daily circulation for all reporting papers may seem negligible, consider that in years past that decrease averaged around 1%. Sunday, considered the industry's bread-and-butter, showed even steeper losses, with a decline of about 3.4%. "

So what has GQ done to incur O'Reilly's curse? According to gossipy Jossip (the only reference I could find to the vague, awful wrong done to O'Reilly and co.:

"Those wacky folks at Fox News are now expanding into a gay dating service, at least for Condi Rice. In a truly bizarre interview with the Secretary of State, FNC's James Rosen suggested her hooking up with Lauren Green of Fox and Friends. No word yet on if Bill O'Reilly will make this a "talking points memo."