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Sean Hannity Follows Up On Pledge To Sabotage Election Results

Reported by Ellen - November 15, 2006 -

Sean Hannity did his best last night (11/14/05) to make good on his vow to thwart the will of the American people and undermine the results of last week’s election. Nancy Pelosi hasn’t even been elected Speaker of the House yet but Hannity and his sidekick for one segment, Karen Hanretty, were ready with shrill (in the case of Hanretty) and bombastic (in the case of Hannity) attacks on the so-called “liberal agenda” of the Democrats. The fact that America clearly and unequivocally voted for a Democratic agenda (liberal or not) was irrelevant to those two loudmouthed “patriots.” The same might be said of the FOX News producers who gave Hannity extra time to make his pitch. But Alan Colmes and Bob Beckel got the last laugh. Updated with video.

Hannity started the discussion by saying, “More and more it looks like (the Democrats’) agenda is out of sync with the American people.” His evidence? Hillary Clinton said “healthcare is back on the agenda.” Hannity ran a video called “A liberal agenda” that showed “raise your taxes,” “Withdraw troops from Iraq.” In fact, Sean Hannity is the one out of sync because poll after poll shows that voters do want to withdraw troops from Iraq.

But, Hannity added with Hanctimonious triumph, “That’s only half of it.” He went on to announce that the battle for position of Majority Leader in the House pitted two ethically challenged candidates, John Murtha and Steny Hoyer. Hannity gleefully replayed a tape from the 80’s of Murtha turning down an Abscam bribe but saying that he’d think about it later. That tape had been trumpeted both on an earlier Hannity & Colmes show and on their website earlier in the election season. Next Hannity attacked Hoyer for having been ranked by Public Citizen as #1 recipient of Special Interest money. Hannity “forgot” to mention that the current House Majority Leader, John Boehner, is #5. Funny how Hannity never had a problem with that or the fact that Public Citizen called Boehner's election to Majority Leader "an affront to voters" and characterized Boehner as "a product and proponent of the systemic problem of cronyism and influence-peddling." Nor has Hannity ever showed a bit of interest in any of the far more numerous, far more serious ethical charges against Tom DeLay. In fact, Tom DeLay got a standing ovation during a recent Hannity & Colmes appearance.

Alan Colmes quickly raised the issue of Republican corruption. “They don’t want to acknowledge that the reason that we threw out these Republicans is because of people like Tom DeLay and Foley (another scandal Hannity didn’t think worth discussing) and Hastert, who didn’t do enough about Foley and now they want to do a hit piece on Democrats before they’ve even had a chance to take office.”

Bob Beckel, the Democratic guest, was at the top of his game. He not only agreed with Colmes, Beckel got right to the heart of the matter and condemned Hannity for “throwing out this Joe McCarthy kind of stuff early on… The decision has been made. Why don’t we just give it a chance and see if America can get some things done?”

Colmes asked Hanretty, “Do you want better and more affordable health care?”

Hanretty knew she had been outmaneuvered with that question and you could see her calculating how to attack Democrats and yet still come out on the side of better health care, a serious issue for millions of Americans. She tried to duck the question by knocking “socialized” health care but, after being pressed by Colmes, had to admit that it’s an important concern.

Hannity seems to think that if he can just browbeat enough, the Republicans will be back in power. He repeatedly berated Beckel to “stop with the talking points” when Beckel defended Murtha.

But Beckel was not cowed. “The difference between Murtha and Cunningham is Cunningham’s in jail,” Beckel said. “Are you muckraking here for a guy who has not been indicted or convicted of anything?”

Comment: Sure he is. Because anyone who IS indicted and/or convicted – Bob Ney, Tom Noe, Jack Abramoff, Randy “Duke” Cunningham, Mark Foley, et al. – is of no interest to Hannity.

Beckel added, “Look, Sean, you guys gotta have a better argument than this. If this is the best you gotta do going into your loss, you’ve gotta do better than this. The American people voted down this kind of talk. And they voted down your ‘cut and run.’ They voted down your ‘white flag of surrender.’”

Poor Hannity. He doesn’t get it that America is tired of his bullyboy temper tantrums.

Colmes closed with, “Karen, thank you for being so gracious about the Democrats’ victory.” For once, she was speechless and could only muster up a tight smile.