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Neil Cavuto Suggests The Big Three Auto Makers Are in Trouble Solely Because of Unions

Reported by Melanie - November 14, 2006 -

Richard Wagoner, Jr., the CEO of General Motors, was a guest today (November 14, 2006) on Your World w/ Neil Cavuto. Wagoner and some of his cohorts met with President Bush (and Dick Cheney) today so much of the interview was about that meeting. Toward the end however, Cavuto wondered whether GM's unionized employees were the cause of its troubles:

Do you think that you're -- you've improved your fortunes measurably over the past year, Sir, so I say this with that in mind -- but that the fix you and some of your auto brethren are in is because you had overly generous union contracts that might have been fine a couple of decades ago but are out of whack with reality today?

Wagoner gave a non-answer, saying he hasn't found it to be "highly productive or value added" to "look back in the past and frankly try to affix blame or responsibility."

Comment: GM's shortsighted, incompetent, non-union management was the "decider" not only on how GM was run but as to what kind of cars and trucks it manufactured -- cheap, gigantic gas guzzlers. In addition, the government has given it break after break on regulations such as mileage standards. Still, in keeping with his Republican roots, Cavuto blames GM's decline on the very people who own the airwaves he uses and who he claims to have so much admiration for: average hardworking Americans.